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Impacted wisdom teeth



May 24, 2020
Like everyone here I hate dentists and haven’t been since I was a kid but I can’t put it off anymore. I have two lower impacted wisdom teeth coming through and they need to be removed. I’m in the UK and there are no nhs dentists so I’m having to pay to go private. Because they are impacted I feel like they will be hard to removed so does that automatically mean it’s a surgical extraction? I would be less nervous about normal extraction but the idea of dental surgery makes me anxious.
Are you having symptoms? We don't remove wisdom teeth in the UK unless they are causing problems.
There are many different types of impaction and some are harder to deal with than others, so can't really answer your question without seeing you and some x-rays.
Slight discomfort. Went to the dentist today and they said they’ll only refer me to get it surgically removed if it gets worse. They said they could see slight irritation/swelling of the gum next to the wisdom tooth. It’s frustrating because I have to avoid eating from that side and to use corsodyl mouthwash twice a day along with a baby tooth brush to keep it clean. I would prefer to get it taken out as soon as possible.
There are good reasons to not extract them unless it's absolutely necessary.
Is there a reason why it’s different over in the UK vs the US? Because it seems as though it’s way more common for wisdom teeth to be removed in the US
It definately does seem like that Samereynolds, seems its just rite of passage though some keep them a little longer. I think they like to take them out sooner rather than later here.
Cynically? $$$ :)