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Impacted wisdom teeth



Junior member
Feb 24, 2023
I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning under IV sedation. This site helped ease some of my fears so I hope this will help someone! I am soooo afraid of going to any type of dr that I was neglecting myself. I had two impacted lower wisdom teeth. The dentist called me today to check on me even though they’re closed! I’m doing great with literally no pain other than a little soreness around my face and lower jaw. He told me he had to do a coronectomy to one of the impacted bc it was so close to the nerve he didn’t want to take any chances. I was terrified of getting the IV (I know that’s the least of my worries) but it took her 3 tries then I had a freaking panic attack. All in my own head though as I have several tattoos!! Lol next thing I know I was being wheeled out to the car. Only thing that has gone “wrong” is the oxy…made my throw up multiple times. Thankfully I never needed it to begin with. One thing to add is, I called and they let me take a Xanax the night before (slept like a baby) then the morning of with a small sip of water. It didn’t completely erase the anxiety but it was a huge help. Don’t be afraid to ask!!!! Hope this helps. It’s day 2 and I’m doing awesome besides not being able to eat everything I want lol.