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Impacted Wisdom Tooth Infection



Junior member
Jan 8, 2021
I had an X-ray in my teeth recently as they have been hurting for a while and I am trying to face up to my dentist phobia. Under my impacted wisdom tooth is an infection and so I have been referred to dental hospital to have it out. Confusingly I was told I didn't need antibiotics whilst I am waiting. I am worried about the infection spreading?

Also I recently have developed a really bitter taste in my mouth. I assume from the infection. Does this mean it's getting worse?

Thank you for any advice.
You don't need antibiotics, dental infections are caused by fairly delicate bacteria which don't do well in the rest of the body, your immune system will zap them very quickly. Dental infections are a kind of special case.
The bitter taste is probably the abscess draining into your mouth. Not a big problem, any bacteria will die in your stomach if you swallow them. Some warm water/salt mouthwash will probably help a bit, small glass of tepid water to one teaspoon of salt.
Thank you very much Gordon that's really helpful. Just to ask 1 more question if I may , I have noticed in the last few days that my sense of taste is muted compared to normal. Is this likely to be infection related? Thank you.
I don't want to worry you but... you do know what is causing a loss of sense of taste at the moment???
As it started at the same as the bitter taste I assumed it was all tooth infection related.
I didnt want to comment yesterday just incase it could be a tooth related infection issue but I was going to suggest you perhaps get a covid test. I know someone who has had covid and their symptoms included a strange sensation of the tongue and mouth, an odd bitter taste and quickly no taste at all.
Sorry I should have said I am getting regular testing through work so I know it is not coronavirus. The odd taste in my mouth (now more sweet is also concentrated on the part of my mouth with the dodgy tooth.
You've got a draining infection there, so there's going to be the odd strange taste. Don't worry about it.