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impending wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Apr 4, 2021
I had to visit a dentist numerous times during my childhood and had some painful experiences back then which is the result of the dental phobia I have today. And now as I have two impacted third molars in my lower jaw, I am kind of scared that my extraction will cause me pain. my extraction is inevitable as I have 2 RCT on both my lower second molars with just permanent fillings without a crown. I am planning to have my appointment in the next three days and I am so nervous. :(
Hi rose009,

sorry to read about your past experiences. It just makes sense that you are scared. Not sure I understood the connection between your rct on second molars and the inevitable extraction of your third molars, but if you get the extractions done, the first concern of your dentist will be to make sure you are numbed up very well before they start the procedure. This is an issue of trust so having a good chat with your dentist and letting them come up with a plan to make it comfortable for you would be the best thing to do. Dentistry had changed a lot lately and there is a huge focus on pain-free treatment, certainly more than during your childhood visits.

We also have an article about fear of pain here.
Wow Rose009, your story could be mine! I also have impacted third molars and a filled un-crowned RCT waiting for wisdom removal. I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. How did your procedure go? Are you healing well? ❤️