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Implant and Vertical occlusion



Dec 4, 2017
I got an implant on tooth #3 3 weeks ago. I'm missing the tooth behind it (back molar) and I'm not getting it replaced because my dentist says there's not enough room for a crown back there. My bite is short, I think it's called vertical occlusion? So my bottom molars, which are crowned, almost meet my top gums back there. My dentist had said I have room for an implant #3, which I got and when I look at my bite it's still really close. Now I'm worried. If it's still too close, what are some possible options for restoring the implant over there?
Most likely you are looking at a healing abutment which may be 1-5 mm thick. The implant is underneath it. You may have a screw retained implant crown when space is tight.
Thank you. I appreciate a response.