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Implant being placed today-scared and nervous



Aug 11, 2006
In about 3 hours I have my appointment to have the post inserted for my implant. I'm scared. All day yesterday I had stomach cramps from the nerves. Today I have cried once. I am worried about how or what I will feel or hear during the procedure and afterwards. Mostly I am worried for the afterwards part of it. I told my fiancé how I felt and his response was not comforting. In an nut shell he told me his mom had had worse dental procedures and therefore I shouldn't be scared unless what I have being done is at that level. I felt alone in that moment. He is coming with me but I don't expect much from him right now in terms of care taking of my emotions. Honestly I just can be grateful he is driving me because I didnt want to drive the 5 minutes to the dentist and then back. I have spoken to a couple of people who have gone through the process and they all have had different experiences and reactions so it's hard to get a good read of what is typical. I'm just a ball of emotions and I am trying to get them all out before my appointment. I figure if I put it out there somewhere it will release some of anxiety so I can push through the rest and get through the day.
I can't offer any practical advice at all, having only made my first visit in years to a dentist last week, but I can offer sincere sympathy - I will be thinking of you. :thumbsup:
I had an extraction and an implant post inserted on Oct. 27th. I was a little surprised at how quick the procedure went and how easy the recovery was. Yes, the sound and feel of the drilling did freak me out, but the oral surgeon had a demeanor about him that was soothing, so it really helped. I never felt anything beyond the prick of the needle. Afterward, the surgery site bled for a few hours, though not a whole lot, just a bit of oozing. I didn't even need to bite down on gauze. I never took the Vicodin I was given. I took 600mg ibuprofen right when the numbing started to wear off, but that was just a precaution and I don't think I really even needed it. The most annoying part of this whole ordeal is having to chew on only one side for months.

I'm not sure if you already had your appt, but i hope it goes well for you! I'm sure you'll do great! If you have any questions about my experience, just let me know and I'll be happy to answer. Good luck!
In about 90 minutes I will be placing an implant in a rather apprehensive patient. I'm thinking of how I can accomplish the steps in the most non-threatening and comfortable manner for her. I expect this to be a relatively straight forward and easy procedure for me.
She did better than I had thought she was going to do. At the end I gave a long lasting anesthetic she she will be numb well into the night.
How did it go?:confused: Curious to hear about your experience.
I am having mine placed in 9 days. 5 implants, one sitting, about 3 hour surgery. I am curious and a the whee nervous how it will feel but I trust my surgeon with my life. He is super calming and super experienced.
I expect to not feel any pain but to 'feel' the drilling. Not pain wise, but as I understand they are drilling with the lower frequency drill which feel more shaky then the higher frequency one. Ahhgg ....

I saw the other day a lady go in and come out from an implant placement. She seemed relieved and happy after the surgery which gave me massive confidence.
Well, it's the next morning and I don't have much discomfort and very little soreness. I haven't swollen yet but I didn't swell with my graft until about 24 hours later so I still might. The experience was interesting. I was nervous and they could tell from the minute I walked in. There was a patient in before me that had the implant placed that day as well and he pretty much skipped out humming a jolly tune so it made me a feel a bit better. My dentist was very gentle and explained everything before hand that she did but not too much to freak me out. The worse part was the drilling because it vibrated and that's a wierd sensation to feel and hear in your head. I guess that part was rough just sound wise. I started to feel throbbing about half way through but she gave me more novacaine. I guess my nerves metabolized the noveciane a bit quicker than normal. The asssitant was very nice as well and kept asking me if I was alright and gave me progress checks to let me when we were almost done. It took about 90 minutes from start to finish. I wouldn't say it was a bad experience or procedure but it is a bit intense because of the vibrating drill so it I didn't need to do it again I might want to be under some type of sedation depending on the tooth. My dentist said the post placement was actually on one of the easier teeth due to location. But of sedation wasn't an option I would be okay. Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words. I did see them as I was waiting in the waiting room and they did help me feel supported
I'm so glad it wasn't too bad for you.

Here's to you healing up nice and quickly!