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Implant checkup today



Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
I have my one month follow up appointment today for my implant. I am so nervous! I am still having pain here and there...nothing terrible, but feels like a jolt along the nerve when it happens. I really hope the implant didn't cause pressure on the nerve. I really need this to work after all the dental failures I have had recently.
Good luck! I have an appointment 2moro (just a talk) then supposedly the op in may.
Best of wishes to both of you for your appts.. of all people you deserve some good news and healing!!
Lots of luck headed your way!! You definitely deserve a turn around ☘️?☘️
Well, he said the gums are healing nicely and everything looks good. He said I am doing an excellent job keeping it clean.

He wasn't sure about the pain, but said the implant definitely wasn't infected, and that the end was not near the nerve. He said to call if the pain got worse and he would check it out again. Otherwise, I get the torque test at the end of June to test the bone fusing.