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Implant crown questions please



May 21, 2021
United states
Hi! just to recap I’m an extremely anxious patient and have been in the process of dental implants I adore my dentist but do feel rushed sometimes. Today My crowns were finally placed on the implants and they never even gave me a mirror at the end to show me. I got to my car and looked and am wondering if what I’m seeing is right? Will my tissue heal and settle a Bit to cover what’s showing? I understand they can look different for everyone but I hate the abutment showing. My other side that’s finished had a ‘triangle’ of gum but not above like these are. Thanks so much 70D82482-A752-41F8-931C-E7753F217EFC.jpeg
One for Dr Hirst, I don't know enough about implants to comment meaningfully.
Hi @Scaredbutready,

Difficult to be sure what is happening as the photo is a little blurred when zooming in. I assume you are referring to the dark line on the gum edge on the upper first molar tooth.
If this is some of the metal abutment showing, then I suspect it would be unlikely for the gum to grow down to cover it. The gum can grow to fill in the gaps between teeth (know as black triangles) if conditions are favourable, but I suspect this is not what you are referring to.
Disappointing though this is, the fact is that no one will see this other than you as it looks like you have to lift your lip to show it.
If it cannot be seen when you smile I would not worry about it. It may even help keep the gum around the implant more healthy in the long term.
@Gordon @drhirst Thank you! And yes, that is what I was referring to. They’ve seemed to settle a bit even after the first day but does still show. The black triangle was the implant I have on the other side and you’re right, it greatly improved. I guess I was more worried about recession in that area if the abutment is already showing. But i’ll just keep being diligent with my care and cleanings. Thanks so much for taking your time, greatly appreciated. This site, and the responses over the year had been a big part of facing this anxiety!