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Implant surgery today - nearing the end of a long journey!



Oct 12, 2015

i hadn't been to the dentist for about 20 years but last September picked up courage (thanks to this forum) to go along. Anyway, since then I've been on a long journey - extractions, deep cleans, crown, fillings. All done under IV sedation with a very kind dentist and his fantastic dental assistant. Today I went I. For my biggest treatment so far - had two implant rods fitted. Feeling a bit numb but generally fine now. Just hoping they will take successfully and looking forward to getting my new teeth in a few months! It's been quite a journey - but I'm so glad I got over the fear and started it. I have so say IV sedation has been a great help - but my next aim is to have some treatments without it...

thanks dentalfearcentral!
That is wonderful, congratulations! You've really come a long way in your journey and should be proud....give yourself a pat on the back!

Thank you for sharing your story, I'm sure it will help to encourage others!
My dentist hasn't mentioned needing something like this ... yet ... but I feel like it must be where I'm headed at some point (just a feeling). I don't think I will do well with dentures, so I would want to go along the path to implants (I think...).

I'm worried about the cost though. I know I have time - I can't forsee needing this procedure any time soon - but I'm wondering, if you don't mind, what's the financial costs of something like this?