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Impressions for dentures?? Any advice?



Junior member
Jul 21, 2006
I will be having impressions done for a full top denture and at the present time I have four front teeth that have crowns. They are old crowns, approx. 25 to 30 years old and I am afraid they will come off when the impressions are done. Does this happen often and if so, what does the dentist do to prevent this from happening?
Any advice? Hopefully someone out there can relieve my apprehensions soon.
Sorry Gordon hasn't been on the last couple of days. I don't think you need worry about this. People have worried before whether loose teeth will be pulled out when they have impressions taken for dentures and I seem to remember the answer was no.
I used to have impressions taken for orthodontic treatment years ago and do not remember it being unpleasant. The stuff used to taste minty back then -it may well be different/better now.
Hope this helps a bit.
Brit, i was one of the people that was petrified of loose teeth coming out while having impressions done. Of course that didnt happen. I voiced my fears to my dentist, who said....... if i was that worried, they could coat the loose teeth with vaseline, which would help when easing the impression off. I was STILL petrified tho, so she said, if the teeth came out with the impression, she would give me £100 lol I just had to believe her then.

I'm sure it will be fine Bella. Good luck.
Sorry, been on my holidays :)

Teeth aren't that easy to extract unfortunately, there's no chance of them coming out in the impressions.