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impressions of very loose teeth?



Dec 8, 2006
can anyone explain how they can get impressions if there are several VERY loose teeth? i am going in just over 2 weeks for first visit in 23 years and am aware that they all need to come out, but i am worried i may be left for ages with no teeth, as i work in the community and just couldnt bare the thought, at least just now i have something in my mouth, even though its not very nice to look at it has to be better than nothing at all :o(

thoughts please?
Hi roseyrose

You would be suprised how well loose teeth can stay in even if they are very loose impressions are unlikely to pull them out. If this is going to be your first visit you may find that you do not need to have all your teeth out it may be possible that you dont need any out! I personally have seen teeth that you dont think will last the next 24 hours last for years so dont write them off just yet.

If you do need to have teeth out then it is likely that your dentrist will make you a denture before the teeth are extracted that can then be put in after the extractions have taken place which should not leave you with any gaps.

Please wait until you speak to the dentist before you think the worst ( i know that's not always easy) Thinks are rarely as bad as you can imagine they will be.

Hope that helps
Lan :)
thanks lannie,

hmmmm i know what your saying, i am just being realistic(lol)

thing is, i am 44, havent been to a dentist in 23 years, have partial upper and lower dentures from that last visit, and what is left is either rotten, broken or very loose(namely my 2 front upper teeth and about 4 front lower). in total i have a mixture of 13 remains, all needing removed, and i will be glad to have them out now!!

i know i am not a dentist or qualified( phewwwwww) but i am being very realistic about what needs done.

i just hope i have found a dentist who can help me continue with what has taken me so long to achieve. this has impacted on my whole life, ever since i was a small child of 5 years, so its time to slay my demons and to live my life without this terrible fear :o)
Hi rosey

Glad to hear you are so comitted to getting over this, and if it does mean you have to have full dentures then at least you can stop worrying about the teeth!! I know that might seem a bit flippant but for some patients it can be the best thing (however much it pains me to suggest that loosing teeth is a good idea)
Because you already have partial dentures then the dentist is likely to do and immediate addition which usually consists of you coming in in the morning having the impression with the dentures in place. The impression and denture is then sent off to a lab who return it that afternoon with the new teeth added on you then have the extractions and the new denture is fitted, So it probably only means being toothless for a few hours. Hope that can reassure you
Lan x
thanks again!!

i didnt realise they could do that!

i am a bit sceptical with regards this dentist, as they dont offer any kind of sedation........ that kinda freaks me a bit. the receptionist did say they will refer me if they think i need that though, so i guess i will have to wait and see.

i'm not sure they will be able to add to what i have....... the 2 front upper teeth are well gone, infact i broke a bit from one last week with my mobile phone, and also they look as if they have "dropped down" substancially, compared to the dentures, and the gums have receded a fair bit on them. they almost look like i could pluck them out myself without too much foce to be honest, they look awful, and this is primarily why i am desperate to have them removed......... i cant get married if i cant smile and show how happy i am about it, can i? lol

do you still think this is a possible solution in my case having explained this?

thanks again :o)
Hi rosey
Glad to help where i can
When you have dentures put in after extractions they are usually treated as only temporary anyway because the mouth changes so much over the few months following extractions. This is why dentists usually just ad on to the existing ones then make new ones about three to six months later when the mouth has settled.
I cannot promise you that this will be the case but it is possible.

As for the sedation i know that lots of people on this board have found it works fantastically please try and go in with attitude you can do this with out. If you can have the treatment without sedation then it can be more of an achievement and therefore start to help you deal with your phobia. Getting a sedation referal can take time so i think it can be worth spending time talking to your dentist and trying to build up a good relationship with them. Never feel that you have to have the treatment when the dentist says so if you are having a bad day tell the dentist remeber it's YOUR mouth and things should be done to YOUR time frame. Never worry about upsetting us dental lot we get used to it!! Its no fun having a job where everyone hates you (i know how tony blair feels!!)
hi lanny

thanks again!! thats quite reassuring, if they can do that. the prospect of going to visit people in my job and scaring them half to death with a toothless grin wasnt very appealing, still isnt actually!!

i will speak to the dentist first and see what he thinks, if what i have read in some posts is true, bad teeth come out easier anyway, so maybe i wont need sedation, well, maybe something to calm me before i go etc, but not IV or GA, time will tell.

i really think the biggest hurdle i have before then is getting in the door lol i had 2 sleepless nights knowing i was going to phone a dentist, imagine what i will be like in the days before i actually go to the appointment!!

but, alas, i am fed up of the soft food diet, imagine having to cut up a slice of toast because you cant bite into it for fear of breaking or loosing a tooth, thats just not a natural thing to be doing!!

dont suppose you fancy a move to sunny scotland do you? lol

Hi Rosey,
Reading your post was like reading about me! I hadnt been to the dentist in over 20 years either, completely dental phobic, needed loads of treatment, and had loose teeth. I also wanted to get things fixed so that I can smile when i get married too. (oh and i'm also in scotland)

I had immpressions taken last year before having 4 lower front teeth removed, and like you, I was petrified that the teeth would come out in the impression materials. My dentist assured me that this wouldnt happen and said she would pay for my treatment IF it did happen, I was soooooooooooo scared that she had to take the impressions while i was having other treatment done under iv sedation, and was relieved to find that the teeth were still intact.
hi happy and welcome back!

yayyyyyy a fellow scot!!

thanks for that, i am REALLY paranoid about this, i cant begin to explain how paranoid. its reassuring to be told they wont come out...... but i still think they will anyway.

i wont be afforded the luxury of having impressions done while sedated, i wont be sedated, this dentist doesnt do any kind of sedation, only recommended that i go see my GP to get something to calm me before my appointment, not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing lol this is a new dentist to the area, so i havent got any recommendations to work with, so its kind of a fingers crossed situation and hope for the best, will keep you all posted if hes to be recommended lol

Thanks for the welcome back rosey :)

No need to explain about being paranoid...........i really have been there!
My dentist doesnt do sedation either, but thankfully, they referred me to a special needs Nhs dental clinic.
I had to take oral sedation before the appointment also..... one dose to help me sleep the night before and another an hour before the appointment..........see, I told you I was paranoid too lol
I would get as much info from your doc/dentist as you can regarding Oral sedation, ie how high a dose can you take prior to the appointment, eg if you take 5/10mg an hour before the appointment, can you take another 5/10mg at the surgery if needed etc .

I havent caught up with the board yet, so I dont know when your appointment actually is Rosey, but I wish you all the best when it comes around.
hi happy

well the appointment is on 26th may (17 days, not that i am counting lol). yeah, the receptionist said they will refer me on if i need IV or GA sedation, i really am hoping that wont be necessary, but its there if needed. i hear that can take quite a long time in this area tho, so i am going to really try and get thru this without it if need be, the sooner the better in my veiw lol i will make an appointment with my GP the week before i go and discuss the ins and outs of oral sedation with him.
hopefully that will be enough to get me into the appointment anyway........... good luck with your impending visit also!!
Just catching up on this topic,and so glad I did. I will be having impressions done in 2 weeks, in readiness for extractions for which I will be sedated. I hadn't thought about sedation for impressions at all because I thought it would be just a matter of plonking plasticine type stuff in your mouth - no hurting, no prodding with implements etc. Not having gone to dentist prior to my consultation 2 weeks ago for 39 years, should I now be thinking about sedation? And are we talking valium or IV. If IV that is going to cost me £250 for extractions so don't want to have to spend that much again if not needed. You 2 have been throught it already Roseyrose and hdf2 and we have read each other's postings, do you think I can do it without- the impressions that is, not the extractions>
Hi Scared,

having impressions taken isnt bad at all. I had mine done while i was under iv sedation for other treatment. Ive had them taken since and its no big deal really. It is just like biting down on gooey stuff till it sets a wee bit. I had a couple of loose teeth due to gum disease and I was just a bit scared that they would come out with the impression, but they didnt. You'll be fine :)