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Impressions on crowns



Junior member
Feb 8, 2023
Hi I’m due to have impressions taken in two weeks time and I’m scared out my mind that they will damage my crowned front tooth . What’s everyone’s experience with impressions being taken with teeth that are filled or crowned ?
Also does the impression stick to your teeth ?
@mon I had impressions taken recently and they didn't do anything to my filings or crown. In fact I had two rounds of impressions, one when I just had the fillings and one after the crown was put in. Nothing happened either time. The impression stuff is not really sticky, it is not sticky like candy or even gum, its more like a very soft wet putty, almost like a gel but not quite as soft as what I would call a gel. A lot of little pieces of it came off it doesn't even really stick together to itself very solidly, and did not stick to my teeth. In fact it sticks to your teeth so little that the tray of putty stuff has to be held in place on your teeth pretty firmly, either by someone holding it with their hand or by you holding it by closing your teeth because it would just fall off if it wasn't being held on. A little bit of it got smeared on my face, it was so soft it was smeary, and there were some bits of it on my tongue.
@mon I've had several impressions taken and although I don't have crowns my (very old) fillings were fine. I've even had impressions taken with very loose teeth and they stayed in fine too - so no, it definitely didn't stick to my teeth!

Like Nervous says the impression stuff is like putty so its a bit like sticking your finger in putty, playdo or something similar. The shape remains in the putty but your finger - or teeth - don't. The putty stuff is in a shaped 'tray' which is placed over your teeth by the dentist. My dentist then holds the 'tray' in place until the putty is 'set' then gently removes it.

I was really nervous the first time I had it done too - mostly because I couldn't see how it wouldn't pull my wobbly teeth out! But it was all fine and it is now one of the things that actually no longer bothers me much at all.
Hi @mon
Absolutely no chance the impressions will damage your crown.
@drhirst thank you . Just really worried as it’s a front tooth that’s crowned . And I find it strange how a big tray of sticky stuff can be pulled off teeth with out taking the crown
@mon How did your impression appt ever turn out.. Hope it went well. :)