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In need of help advice.



Junior member
Nov 25, 2014
I have found myself here in shear desperation and really dont know what to do any more. Many years ago i had two teeth extracted without any anastetic given to me at all, i dont really want to go into detail about how this occured as its something i have tried to forget needless to say setting foot in a dentist regardless of what pain i have been in has been a no no, i sometimes wonder myself how i have overcome some of the pain i have gone through resorting to some very desperate measures including draining my own absecess. As you can imagine my teeth are not in the best of shape this really upsets me as i most likley havent smiled in over 25 years if i think people are looking at me i just make a quick exit. Anyway to the problem i have another abcess which has appeared in the last two days this is having effects on my hearing and the whole right side of my face i am trying in desperation to carry on with my day to day duties, earning a crust as we all do but the job i do is noisey and vibrates a lot so as you can imagine its not going so well, sleep has been limited to around 4 hours in the past two nights. I know what i need to do but i just cant bring myself to do it. Any help advice would be so grateful.

i would suggest first getting antibiotics. That will lessen your pain for a few weeks. At the same time, you can start arrangements for a dental treatment under sedation/general anesthesia. Usually these things take time so the sooner you start the better. i am not a fan of sedation but it sounds like a suitable solution for your circumstances.
There are useful and simple techniques to deal with and even overcome fear of needles. Maybe if you share your whereabouts, other members might direct you to a good dentist for your needs.

all the best,
Hi AJ65

I have noticed you are in Staffordshire, I have a couple of excellent dentists, including my own that I can recommend to you, please feel free to PM me and I will be pleased to help.

Kind Regards