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In pain - should I go back to my dentist?



Junior member
Mar 25, 2021
I posted a few weeks ago as I was having issues with slight tenderness in a root canal tooth (done 4 month ago) and general ache in jaw where I also had my back 2 molars removed also 4 months ago. I have been to my dentist and she can see no issues for the pain, I also saw the oral surgeon who also saw no issues with the root canal tooth but I also have TMJ and clench my teeth so he thought the tenderness might be due to that. Since I saw both, the ache in my jaw is still there and slightly worse - the best I can describe is that its near where my wisdom tooth was and in the mandibular arch region and under my ear so not neccessarily near any teeth. To complicate things, my second molar on the top is now starting to ache more. My dentist also checked this tooth a month ago and could see nothing on the x-rays or cold / percussion test to indicate problem but its gotten worse since and I also have an ache in my cheekbone. I dont know if I should go back to my dentist at this point (what else can she do if she cant see anything wrong) or wait to see the orthodontist who did the root canal but that appointment is 3 weeks away? I cant tell if this pain is tooth related, jaw related or both at this point and I am so distressed every day at the thought of what I might have to get done next.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes things take a bit of time to show up, so it's probably worth asking your dentist to take another look at the upper molar.
Thank you Gordon, I feel like a nuisance bothering her again. I rang this morning and I am waiting for her to call me back later today. Funnily enough, this tooth is not bothering me at all today, not even a twinge, but the the same one on the other side of the top is suddenly achey this morning out of nowhere. I dont know whats going on!
These things can happen. No point in feeling guilty about it :)