In Panic Over Examination vs Cleaning



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Mar 15, 2019
Hi everyone, I've recently noticed a fair bit of tartar of the back of my front teeth and it looks as if its pushing back one of my gums. Problem is this will be the first appointment since the last free NHS appointment (country is GB) for under 20 year olds (been a while since I last went to a dentist) and I have no idea what sort of appointment I should pick. provides an examination, a classic clean and a sparkling clean. From what I can tell the classic clean provides a scale (the thing I seem to need) and polish but Im not sure if I can just pick that without doing an examination first.

Should I pick an examination and does that come with a scaling? Nothing I've read says it does. The uncertainty Im in rn is killing me, what if I turn up to the classic clean but they tell me I had to be sent here from an examination first... The embarrassment I feel just thinking about that is bringing me to the point of not going but I know I have to go or else the tartar will most likely get worse and worse. Does anyone know how this is supposed to be done?


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Oct 25, 2005
1) Have a look on here for advice on how to find a friendly dentist

2) You shouldn't be having a scale or anything else done without an examination first, so your first appointment should be for an examination, which doesn't normally include a scaling.

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