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Infected premolar nightmare



Feb 9, 2023
Hi. Ive been dealing with my second upper premolars for 7 years now. First one huge cavity filled. Didnt work root canaled one of them, developed a bony bump near root off to the side (i could feel it with my fingers thru the gum) dentist could figure out what it was but i suspected a cyst because of time of aparition and presentation but left it there until it developed a boild and a fistula and it was obvious it was infected. Several (around 6) rounds of antibiotics that only kept it calm for a short period. Until a year ago it split in half while eating breaaaad.

In the process the other premolar also got a huge filling to. Developed same bony bump that eventualy got a boild popped and left a fistula.

I been traumatized by dentist since i was small having all tooth pulled out and he being extremly mean to me even though i was petrified so i avoided dentist after i turned 18 and started to hate my tooths in the process too.

But i got my slef to make an appt with a maxillo facial to get those two taken out with balls and all under sedation.

And once again ive been let down. As soon as i got home and took a look i saw very clearly half of the rotten root canaled split in half. Was still in there!!! Howw? My mom called and was told it was normal and to wait for it to heal. I was like but the stinky tooth is still half in there how was the ball on that side taked care of with half of that thing in the way? Again this time my husband went back with pictures and got same answer as my mom. Bit today they called and told me to go tomorrow to get checked.
Im mad and depressed i paid an airbnb stay for teo days to be nect to the surgery place and avoid tracelling the day of procedure because i get dizzy and have panic attacks everytime i travel. I paid for sedation because i didnt want to be consious for any of it cuz i cant take it anymore. And now they expect me to go tomorrwo (when i was there yesterday insisting) and do everything i paid not to do a day before, travel that same day and also another procedure without sedation?

Im honestly depressed i dont know what to do anymore. Im attaching the picture of the beforexray if anyone can tell me if the preomlar cyst are visible there or not and also another picture of the post extraction to get any advice or opinion since all my dentist and surgeons treat me so poorly.

Thanks :)


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First question seems a bit irrelevant since the tooth is gone anyway?
Second question, it looks like a bit of root remaining, if it is then that's a bit crap and you're entitled to complain.
See what they say when you get it checked at the OS, it's hard to be certain what's going on from a slightly blurry photo :)
@Gordon thank you very much. Today He said he missed that and to go monday to take it out. Does it look like a complicated extraction.
I don't want to jinx it, but looks dead easy to me :)
Hi. Well i went today and got the half teeth extracted and he did an xray to notice the pther tooth also had root in there. I think he did a surgical extraction i think because i have a huge hole in my gum high up ineven can see bone. He said no stiches needed but im like maybe one or two wouldnt be bad.is that normal? To be left with a huge whole ? Was that a surgical extraction?
Tha hole takes all the gum up to what it would be the root and there I think I can see bone. Not attaching picture because don't want to make people uncomfortable.
Also base on the pictures previously posted do the extractions seem enough to clear the infection.
The balls first were hard then they developed a boild and a fistula.

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Also im i little sckepticsl because i was assured he cleaned everything before. All while he manage to miss half a tooth in one side and the root on the other. I really want this to be over.
@Gordon The other side wich had half of the tooth visible left looked clean after retreatment. Then he took an xray and found put that the other side… also had root left. He went back woth a drill, he scraped something on wich the stick thing seemed to get stuck he put pressure and felt like he gave up because i didnt felt it coming lose, took some other xrays i dont have a pic pf because this was in the operating room with a thing he put in my mouth and then send me on my way. lol

So now im paranoic he didnt tale that out. If he didnt can i wait safely to get it retreated a month or so? It was infected but draining thru a fistula. I really need a break after two horrible attempts. Im hungry (havent eaten much in almost a week) im sore like somebody punched me and i cant go thru it again for a third time so soon unless the alternaty is to horrible. T_T


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I'm getting a bit lost here...

This x-ray above, is that a different part of your mouth or the same one as he was working on? Is that after he extracted the remaining bit of tooth or before he started or what?
@Gordon he did two extractions: left and right second upper premolars.

The left one was the one i posted a picture the other day that he left half of it in there, the one you said should be easy to fix, which indeed turned out to be easy to finish.

But after he did that he decided to take another panoramic and the pther side whoch didnt had visible tooth left turned out to have that piece of root there.

Again went back to the chair without saying a word to me or sedating me and started drilling and scraping something that the thing he used seemed to get stuck until he stopped pushing.

The new picture is that second failed extraction on the other side before he went back with the drill.
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I had 2 infected premolars extracted #4 & #13 and both failed. One i notice right away because it was very visible but the other i found out yesterday when he did the xray.
Its a gift thats keeps on giving. :(
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sorry for all my rant. Its been a long and messy ride
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@Gordon thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.
I think under the circumstances, some ranting is entirely justified :)

Premolars are awkward wee blighters, they often have very fine roots on them which are easy to snap off during extractions. It's compounded by orthodontists often wanting them extracted so they can do their stuff :(

Anyway, hopefully the dentist took a subsequent film to check they'd got all the bits out this time?
@Gordon He did took an xray during the whole ordeal and they pulled the machine (xray thing) towards me making it fall on my leg leaving me with a lump and a bruise…I had to lift my leg to keep it from falling further while they finished taking the xray…then they pick it up. But to be honest after everything i dont trust them and since i didnt see the xray i was wondering if they did left some of that still in there, how much time do i have to take it out without it causing havoc? Because it would be the third time and i need a break and food. I dont wanna have another intervention this soon again.
Wincing here on your behalf, that sounds terrible.
I don't blame you for not wanting anything else done for a while. Unfortunately, it's hard to say how long you've got (if there's anything left), quite often buried roots can quietly stay in situ for decades before they cause a problem, other times they flare up right away.
@Gordon but if they start causing a problem i would know?
@Gordon if its not too much trouble, bases pn the panoramic xray do i have a lot of cavities? Does anyone look urgent? Thanks in advance.