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Infected tooth too scared to visit dentist



Junior member
Dec 11, 2018
Hi all! I have extreme dental anxiety and the worst nightmare has come to fruition. A badly decayed upper molar that I have been neglecting for years has become infected with a abscess at the root tip. The abscess feels massive, sitting right under my eye. However there is no visible facial swelling...yet.

I have a very persistent burning sensation in my gums along with feeling my pulse, the abscess feels like a golf ball (much smaller in reality of course) but there is no pain in the actual tooth. There is also no pain when chewing, or when applying cold or hot to the actual tooth.

I’m too frightened to approach the dental chair right now though I’m trying to muster the confidence and courage.

Why isn’t my tooth hurting? Just the gums where the abscess lies

Can I help coax this abscess to rupture and help with the discomfort?

P.S. I am not worried about the worst case scenario that google brings up as I know those odds are very slim. Just looking for facts on what this abscess may do if left untreated by a professional.

Thank you
1) The tooth is dead. The reason it hurts is because there is quite a lot of pus exerting pressure on the space round the top of the roots.
2) Maybe, or else see if you can get it to drain out through the cavity, clean it carefully with a cocktail stick and then rinse with warm salty water. Chances are that it's been draining quietly for a while and the drainage hole has got blocked up with food. Rice is really good at doing this!
3) Next stage would be the abscess bursts through the plate of bone around the root tips and your face starts to swell a bit. This will paradoxically reduce the pain a bit. Let's not get it to that stage though. Could you face going to a doc for a script for antibiotics?
Please reach out to your dentist or GP
My Mum always had an abscess,not sure if it was the same one or not, but her face would be so swollen and she usually felt ill, relying on lucozade everyday for energy..
You probably know it already but I think you're just prolonging your situation, and it will inevitably be taking a toll on your body too.
Just try and reach out for some antibiotics at least. I think we get used to pain or ill health to some degree, after a while it becomes normal, when really we could feel so much better with a bit of help x