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Infected tooth



Well-known member
Jul 26, 2022
Is it true that an infected tooth can compromise all teeth around it and the dentist may have to pull them? I've had an infected tooth for around 9 months now but there's no pain and the abscess drains itself. Thank you
Hi @Imapparentlyhere - I have the same problem as you - I have had a chronic infection in my left lower second molar for nearly a year. I have been to the dentist and had periodontal treatment in that time and both have said to leave it as it is if not causing any pain (which it isn't) or have it removed. It is unpleasant but not painful (thank goodness) - it oozes pus and a bit of blood from time to time and I can feel when it is 'filling up' which I don't like. but I would rather cope with that than have the tooth removed. Don't believe all the rubbish you read on Google - believe Gordon the dentist - he knows what he is talking about.