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infection after tooth extraction? Signs?



Junior member
Mar 13, 2009
Hi everyone, I hope someone will have a clear answer. I had an extraction 1wk ago, bottom molar for an abscessed tooth. The doctor had me on antibiotics for 8 days prior to the extraction, and had me finish them (2days) after the extraction.

when he did the extraction, the whole tooth came out w/ease, he cleaned out the bone and tissue and said everything looked great, and although there was going to be a big hole, no need to stitch.

Question is - the gum AROUND the hole still is tender. THe hole itself is starting - just starting to close a little - is filled with a scab looking thing in the middle where it's still closeing. on the TOP of the gum (like the deck area around the pool... :) ) there is white skin on the gum... and it is tender still.

Could this mean I have an infection?

I don't have fever, I have been doing my salt water rinses.... haven't been eating much, the area is very very clean.

I'm just paranoid because people at work said they had NO PAIN or tenderness just a few days after extraction. Should I have been on antibiotics longer?

Could I get an infection in the gum after extraction- even though the doc said everything was fine- and I was already on antibiotics?

My doc is out of town until next week... his girl at the office said I would KNOW it if I had an infection.

THere is NO drysockt, because it's filled in with the scab colored tissue..... is this normal?

Please help me, I'm such a dental phob!!!

(p.s... could too much salt in my salt water be causeing this?)


Mar 11, 2009
I'm NOT a dentist:

This sounds fine to me. My sockets were just like them and my dentist said they were ok. I had some mild pain in the sockets for about a fortnight after the extraction. By mild I mean bad enough that you know it's there but not so bad that you immediately jump up and take painkillers.


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Verified dentist
Oct 11, 2007
Having a little bit of Gorgonzola with crackers!
As it's been 1 one week now it's probably okay. Just give it some more time to continue healing up.