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infection after wizzie removal



Junior member
Jul 5, 2010
OK, so probably a bit of a long story but here goes.
Have been having quite a bit of pain in my left lower teeth for a few months, tried to ignore it but couldn't really cope with it any longer so went to the dental hospital A&E last Wednesday. Had x-rays and things and they said that my wisdom tooth and the one next to it were infected and needed to be taken out.
Had it done in oral surgery that afternoon, the wizzie was impacted and very difficult to get out - had to do some cutting of gum and bone shaving and I had 3 stitches afterwards.
By Friday was really quite sore (couldn't sleep) with a nasty taste and I had quite a high temp as well - was feeling quite poorly so ended up going to out-of-hours on Saturday morning. They gave me 3 days of metronidazole and washed the socket out and put in some stuff that - "looks like compost and tastes like overcooked christmas cake"!!
Am now feeling better in myself, but is still quite sore (not as bad) and has started tasting odd again and seems quite pussey. Am due to finish the antibiotics in the morning, really don't want to go back and don't want to bother them if it's just going to get better, but am really worried that it won't. So do I need to be seen again?
Hiya scamp... i would probably go back, just to double check all is well.:)
My sister had a similar thing, she had a really deep rooted back lower tooth out and then got dry socket, she went back and had that gauzey compost looking thing like you. All healed now though.. hopefully all is well with you but if its a bit pussey and odd tasting i think you should go back,

good luck,