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Infection from hell after tooth extraction ?



Junior member
Sep 3, 2017
So , I had my molar extracted last Friday , and suddenly yesterday I was in agony ! I couldn’t call the dentist surgery’s out of hours number as the number was out of service (found out today that that clinic has been shut down!)
Was in tears with pain , and my partner spent all night replacing frozen bags of veggies and cold packs to help me numb the pain ,as the pain killers were useless!

Rang my dental surgery this morning.
The receptionist?
- Sorry, your regular dentist is off today ,so you have to wait until tomorrow!
Me - No, you don’t understand, I am in agony !I haven’t slept a wink . I dk whether I have a dry socket or an infection, but I need to see a dentist!
Receptionist - I’ll see what I can do. Will speak to the other dentist and give you a call back .
Ok,bye !
Me - Don’t you need to ask for my name first? You won’t know who to call back !
Receptionist - Aaaaah! Yeah! What’s your name?

I waited Almost an hour...nothing!
I rang back ,raging with pain , and told her that I needed to see a dentist Now as I couldn’t handle this pain any longer.
Was given some antibiotics(Metronidazole 3/day) by the dentist who said that it was a very nasty infection.

My question is , how long does it usually take for these to kick in ?
I was told to eat yoghurt to help me ease any side effects such as stomach problems,but...am dairy intolerant, so not sure what alternatives to use . All I can remember is that antibiotics makes me feel sick as a dog.
Any tips welcome!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jun 14, 2012
Massachusetts, USA
Infection from hell after tooth extraction ?

You can take acidophilus tablets instead of eating yogurt. Acidophilus is what is in the yogurt that helps with stomach issues when on antibiotics.


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Jan 26, 2010
Milton Keynes, UK
If you've been given Metronidozale, do not go within 10,000 miles of alcohol until at least two days afer you've finished your course of antibiotics. Any kind of booze will most certainly make you as sick as a dog.