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Infection in gum



Jun 21, 2010
Hi. I know I have an infection in my gum but the puss is free flowing. I'm waiting for a root filling to be done Iv been on antibiotics before for this but if cause it comes back. To be honest it's a cyst that as been with me for 30 plus years and as been removed before. Is there anything I can use in the meantime to help draw this out as I really don't want to keep taking antibiotics and I'm getting so depressed with it all now. Thank you.
Iv just scared myself even more by reading this can go into my body or even cancer please please advise
@kayduck hi . How do you know it’s an in? Do you have an abscess? Honestly it’s not true about it spreading . I had two infections and then had those tooth taken out under general anaesthetic. Keep using salt water after you eat and just keep an eye on how you feel ? Like if you feel unwell but otherwise you will be fine . I was also terrified but @Gordon who is a dentist on here he reassured me .
Thanks Nat. I couldnt sleep last night and im so anxious this morning. I suffer from gad which does not help.
@kayduck me too . Am also autistic it’s so difficult am off for a root canal today my first one and am so worried.
Wiw. Could you please let me know hoe you get on as im facing my first soon. Good luck :) you should be proud of yourself getting this far.
@kayduck thanks I will do . It’s being done at a community dentist for vulnerable people and they are supposed to be really good and caring.
Crossing my fingers for you. 🤞

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