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Infection post Wisdom Tooth Surgery



Junior member
Nov 19, 2014
So, I had my bottom left Wisdom tooth removed Monday 10th April and was put to sleep. It was impacted and quite a difficult extraction as they had to make several cuts to extract the tooth. I am told the tooth was very deep rooted! Because of this I was put on 500mg of Amoxicillin 3 x a day.

The two days after the operation were not too bad (I had my upper left & bottom right impacted removed via Surgery two years ago and healing was pretty much the same!) until day 3 (Thursday) I was fine in the day but by about 4pm I was in excruating pain to the point I couldnt even move it was that agonising to do so. This pain carried through until Friday mid-day meaning I couldnt sleep, eat or do anything taxing. Friday mid-day I got some mild relief after having had dosage after dosage of Paramol & Ibruprofen, But it still wasnt right so I booked in to my dentist for a check up.

Went in Saturday & was informed the site was sore and raised and there would be a lot of pain due to the difficulty of extracting the tooth. (By now I have a whopping bruise on my chin!) he said the site looked like it was healing relatively well and the stitches were pulling together, However it was slightly red and smelly near the back so he believed the site to be infected.

He packed some clove oil and antiseptic in the site and prosricbed me with Metronydazol 200mg to start today to take over the Amoxicillin i finished yesterday and advised me to stick with the paramol but up my ibruprofen.

Questions I have is:

How long until the Metronydazol is effective?
How many times should I be rinsing with salt water?
Can I rinse with mouth wash?
Will dabbing Clove oil directly on the site releave pain?
Any other tips to remove pain?

I would of asked my dentist this - but after he was prodding around I felt awful and just wanted to get back to bed. Since I have seen him and done as advised the pain has eased marginly but it is still waking me up sometimes through the night and is unbearable first thing and before I drift off..
I am in a similar situation. I had my right upper wisdom tooth removed 11 days ago already. Initially I was fine, but after a week I started to feel pain in the jaw and ear, with difficulties swallowing and feeling of fullness in my ear and back throat.

I saw two dentists, one said that it is an infection, the other said that it is a dry socket, which is quite contradictory since are two different things. I was put on a 5-days course of metronidazole. Now I am on day 2, but I feel it has not started to work yet...

I was told to rinse with chlorhexidine mouthwash, which is antiseptic.