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Jun 21, 2010
Hi. Im waiting for a root filling but my gum keeps getting infected which im treating as best i can. Iv rang another dentist to see if i coukd get it done sooner ( private) they said if i did not have it done the infection would spread to other teeth and go into my body. Im terrified now and keep checking my gums every five mintes, everytime im not feeling right i think its the infection in my body. Please, please advise me.
Im on the list for a root filling, but the appointment as yet again changed. My gum is constantly getting infected but i keep it under control with salt water etc. But i decided to try and find another dentist who might be able to help i explained tge situation. He as terrified me by saying this infection could go into my body if i dont pay private to have it done asap. I cant sleep or eat crying all the time as its scared me that much. My appointment with the dentist im registered with is in April..please advise mbe so i can stop shaking.
Oh, wow, what a mean thing to be told by a dentist! Sounds like they wanna scare you to push you into private treatment. We have something on the topic here if you'd like some peace of mind.
Don't go to that dentist. They're talking unmitigated bollocks.

Dental infections do NOT EVER spread to other teeth. Unless you have a major immune system problem then they pose no risk to your general health.
Thank you do much Gordon iv been in bits all day.