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Inflamed gums (?) - how to get rid of them?



Junior member
Apr 24, 2010
Hi guys - I'm almost 15. I had braces when I was 13, and against the dentist's orders (I never paid attention), she always told me to regularly floss. I never did floss, and when I got my braces off I noticed my gums became inflamed and large, they move upwards to the tooth now. I googled an image - it looks somewhat like this:


(that's not me, just an image, my gums look somewhat like that, a little smaller)

Sometimes I feel like just cutting them off. (even though it would probably be severely unhealthy). (no, I'm not going to cut them, don't worry lol). What can I do to make them go away? I can't stand having them.
Firstly, brush your teeth 3 times per day, this helps keep your gums healthy!

Secondly you should floss, this also helps get debris away from your gums and teeth.

Thirdly, start rinsing with warm salt water after you eat or drink. The salt water will calm down irritation and speed healing.

Fourthly, see your dentist about this inflamation, she can definatley help you with this problem!
Do you get enough vitamin C in your diet?
I'm pretty sure I do. Oranges all the time.

Thanks for your reply - but just wondering - when and why should I rinse out with salt water?

Also how long will it take for a visible change?
Does Vegetable oil work? Or Olive Oil? Do I apply it on my gums then sleep with it or what?
Wouldn't it be easier just to go to the dentist? :)
Obviously, yes. However, I live overseas and I visit home in the US only three times a year, and my official dentist is there. I just wanted to get these gums down before I go back. They make me look horrible and they're quite frankly really annoying.
Well, it's difficult, there's probably some tartar (calculus) under the gum margin that is causing the inflammation. If that's not removed first then there's not likely to be much improvement no matter what you do.
You could try using a Chlorhexidine based toothpaste, pull your bottom lip down out of the way to see what you're doing and rub it well in with your finger tip to the affected area.
do they hurt? mine look like this but ache, i have been told to use corsydl mouthwash and salt water rinses
How long do you think it'd take to see a visible change?
Honestly? I don't think you will, if there's calculus there then your efforts won't make any difference. If it's going to improve you'll notice within 2-3 days.
Honestly? I don't think you will, if there's calculus there then your efforts won't make any difference. If it's going to improve you'll notice within 2-3 days.

Not sure where exactly I can get ahold of such toothpicks. What about those things that scrape under your gum? The metal rods that dentists use - I have a home set.

Will that suffice?
DIY dentistry isn't easy, I'm a fully qualified dentist and I find it very difficult to do any dentistry on myself (yeah, I've tried!). So just having the tools doesn't help much. You just can't see what you're doing with them.
I just clean between the gum and the tooth, sometimes there's some plaque - is that the cause perhaps?
The problem is Calculus. Google it :)
Just did - thanks for telling me. Gonna look into this.