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Inflamed gums



Junior member
Jun 30, 2007
Hi all,
I managed to go to the dentist yesterday,although I was seen by an emergency dentist who wasen't very sympathetic with me!I have started to attend a special needs dental clinic for anxious and nervous patients and was hoping to see the dentist I had before on my last visit which was my first visit.The dental nurse and assistant were lovely to me,but the ones I had yesterday were rather abrupt and made me feel uncomfortable :(

Anyhow I had my teeth checked to see what was causing the pain,and I have inflamed gums which are causing the constant pain!I also need 2 teeth out and a couple fillings,which I am dreading.I let the dentist scrape of the plaque on my top teeth yesterday,at one point I ended up crying there,I think it was more to do with the exhaustion of feeling ill and in pain all the time and not sleeping and eating properly!
After bravely letting the dentist clean my teeth up a bit,all she advised me was to take a hot salt mouth wash three times a day,she didn't prescribe me anything else so I am still in pain :( My next appointment isen't until the 21st September, so I guess I am going to have to keep taking paracetamols and salt washes till then.Is it ok to use heat pads on my face as I find that it soothes my teeth and gums a little, and is there any other pain relief remedy I could try espicially for night time, as I am at the moment only managing on 4 hours a night sleep because I am pacing up and down all night it always hurts when I lay down to sleep. :mad:
I also have a very low immune system due to have Graves disease, which certainly isen't helping at all.

Anyway thanks for listening and any advice would be great

Take care all

Jane x
Hi Jane, You are SO brave to have gone through what you did, and you must be so proud of yourself. What a shame though that the dentist that gave you treatment yesterday wasn't the same one you had originally and didn't seem to have the patience, empathy, caring attitude that so many dentists seem to realise they must have today to deal with us phobics. It makes all the difference if you find the right dentist. I'm lucky, I have. It doesn't cure the phobia but it makes the treatments bearable because you have complete faith in that person.
Can't understand how they can leave you in pain for another, what 5 or 6 weeks till your next appointment. It can't be good for you having to rely on painkillers for so long.
Why don't you ring the surgery, explain what's happened and see if you can get to see someone again - sooner.
With regard to relieving the pain, obviously, I'm no doctor or dentist, but when I have any sort of pains I do use heat which seems to help, and although it's not the same sort of pain, with my back there's not a day goes by (even on the hottest of days) that I don't have a hot water bottle on my back. I've got one now as I'm sitting typing this message.
Anyhow, I'm sorry I can't help with any real advice or help, but hopefully you'll get sorted out and feel so much better soon. I can only say, if its any comfort, by reading everyone elses stories and writing your own experiences really does help. :grouphug:
Dear Jane,

I second all that scaredstiff said, you are VERY brave, much braver than I, to have done so much already - I am personally very proud of you, and I don't even know you except through here! *big hugs* :XXLhug:

I too have experienced situations where the dental nurses/assistants with crummy attitudes can really make the atmosphere a horrid one. I honestly don't know why empathy for others and setting people at ease isn't a job requirement for them. It should be!

Perhaps you could call and speak with your dentist privately on the phone ... tell her about your dental phobia, how seeking treatment has been a difficult exercise in bravery for you as is, and how you felt uncomfortable with the particular dental assistant and nurse that were abrupt with you. If she is a kind dentist as you indicated, I'm sure she'd understand and be willing to work things out so that you're treated by nice ones instead. :)

Regarding sleeping at night, for what it's worth I have a small tip: try to sleep sitting up as best you can. The more of a sitting position you're in, with your head upright, as opposed to a lying-flat position with your head the same, the less blood is going to rush to your head. I'm no doctor, but my aunt works for an orthodontist and she mentioned this to me on the phone some time ago when my teeth started to really go. Sitting up means less pressure on your teeth or something, who knows - all I know is it works and whenever I let it slide and start to lie down more, a sharp twinge and I can't sit up fast enough, lol. I know it's not the most comfortable way to sleep, but if it's the only way *to* sleep, go for it hon. Lots of big cushy pillows to sit up against will make it easier and more comfortable.

I really wish you all the very best in getting treatment and in your life, ok Jane sweetie? *hugs* You're a very brave girl and I'm really inspired by your determination in the face of all your hardships and obstacles. It's gonna be ok, ok dear? :grouphug: We're all here for you too, 24/7! ;D

Btw, you might want to mention your Graves disease to your dentist in case it affects your treatment plan dear (I don't know the first thing about the condition, will have to do some reading). Though chances are you've already let her know. Good luck hon and make use of us, it's what we're here for!


Rachel :)
Not only is it a feeling of great support and comfort reading others' experiences, its also a learning curve sometimes. what Rachel has said about sleeping, I never knew but, if you think about it, it does make sense. Perhaps that's why so many of us fall asleep while watching TV. I always assumed it was the rubbishy programmes. Also knowing that you have Graves disease, and not knowing much about it, I did google it and now understand about the condition. Have a good weekend, I suppose you'll have some thinking to do and I hope you will ring the dentist as suggested, for peace of mind at least.
Thank you scaredstiff and Rachel for your words of encouragement and support :grouphug: I will give the dentist a ring on Monday and have a chat with her regarding what happened on my last appointment and with the pain i'm having.
I was up again all last night pacing up and down,but the heat pad helped alot better then then the freezing ice.Today I have had no pain :jump: just slightly sore gums. As instructed by the dentist I have done 3 salt hot water mouth washes today and cleaned my teeth really carefully.I am hoping the pain stays off tonight but this is the time when it gets really bad.Thank you Rachel for your tip on managing a good nights sleep.I will try and sit upright tonight with lots of pillows :) I'm so sorry to hear about your poor back scaredstiff I hope you will feel better soon :)
I have informed my dentist on my Graves disease,I was only diagnosed in February this year (I wondered why I was always ill) If I hadn't plucked up the courage to have a blood test it could of turned out to be life threatning.I'm scared of blood tests too lol I have had 5 blood tests so far within 7 months...it's weird really the two things I am most scared of .i.e. Dentists and blood tests and I have had to have them both this year. :(
Thank you both so much for your help,I really appreciate it :)
Take care
Jane xx
Don't worry about my back,I'm just falling to pieces, I'm that old and I always feel the cold. It has to be about 100 degs. for me to feel warm. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm still alive. Hope the pain does wear off, because there's pain and pain, and any pain associated with teeth or gums is quite unbearable. Good luck. :grouphug: