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Information on NHS phobic dental services



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Feb 19, 2013
Hi I live in Epsom, Surrey and I am a nervous wreck around dentists and really need one as I haven't been for 8 years, can anyone recommend an NHS dentist that is good with dental phobia in this area?:cry:
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Hi fearfullish, you could have a look at our South East section of dentists that have been recommended here on the forum (scroll down towards the bottom on the forum homepage).

Alternatively, if you have a severe phobia, you could ask for a referral to your Special Care Salaried Dental Services. This is an NHS service and you will need a referral, for example from your GP. You can find more information here (and print it out to take along to your GP if you like):

[out-of-date link removed]

The referral acceptance criteria in Surrey include significant dental phobia, and you will be charged normal NHS charges unless you are exempt.

In some areas, there can be long waiting lists, I'm not sure what the situation is like in Surrey, hopefully the wait isn't too bad :).

If anyone else can recommend an NHS dentist in the Epsom Surrey area, please add them to this thread!!
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