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Injection Site Trouble



Junior member
May 3, 2010
I had some dental work done on Monday on a lower molar. I received quite a few injections and one of the injections sites has turned rather nasty looking and feeling. It is very red and very sore. It looks a bit yellow or white in the middle and is swollen. It almost looks like a gigantic angry canker sore. It is making my jaw feel tight and sore. I also have developed a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. I have had many shots over the past few months and have never experienced anything like this. Is this normal? Is it possible to get an infection from a dental injection. I am using salt water but nothing seems to work. Everyday it seems to be a bit worse from the previous day. I am suppose to go get some follow-up work done next week and can not even imagine getting another injection in that same spot.

Thanks for your help!

It sounds like you developed an abscess. Sometimes having dental work on a badly decayed tooth is just enough to get the bacteria down the pulp going out of control. Call your dentist.

I really do not think this has anything to do with the tooth itself. It is not near the tooth. The injection site is way back in my mouth, two teeth away from the tooth that was worked on and in the middle of the sore you can see the hole where the needle went in. For some reason, these shots proved to be pretty brutal. Another one, bruised pretty significantly, and the one he put right next to the worked on tooth left quite a track mark and sore gums there too.
This can happen sometimes if there have been a few injections delivered off the same needle, the tip gets a bit out of shape and instead of cutting through cleanly can tear the skin instead. It should heal in a few more days, if it doesn't then you should give your dentist a call.