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Inlay has fallen out multiple times and I am so Anxious about it



Junior member
Sep 8, 2019
Hello all

I have an Inlay that has fallen out multiple times since it was first fitted in 2013 and it is making me extremely Anxious as I do not understand why it is happening.

I am Autistic and I do not cope with issues well.

The Inlay is in a Tooth, Upper Back Left.

I am going to Contact the Dentist Tomorrow and hopefully they can fit me in, however, if they are not able to, is there anything I need to be aware of until I can see my Dentist?

Thanks in advance

Hi Kevin,

If it is not causing you pain then just brushing it along with your other teeth is all you need to do until you can be seen.
If it has fallen out multiple times, it might be best to ask your dentist about another options such as a crown or a regular filling. Inlays are great but sometimes they just do not have enought grip on the tooth.
Hope you get is sorted out soon.

Thanks for the reply.

Things have escalated, lucky me :(

I have been eating on the opposite side from where the Inlay Fell Out and now a Crown has Fallen Off too.

The Crown has fallen off multiple times as apparently there is not much Tooth Structure for the Crown to hold on to.

I have been told that the Tooth may have to be Extracted, something that has me extremely worried.

The Tooth in question is in the Upper Right Back position, what is involved in an Extraction now as the last time I had an Extraction was a long time ago and I was put to sleep using Gas.

Also, due to my Autism there is no way that I could have the Tooth Extracted without Sedation and my Dentists do not offer that option, however, they did say that they could Refer me somewhere, hopefully locally as I do not travel well.


Sorry to hear that Kevin, do you think you might be clenching or grinding at night. It is a very common cause of filling and inlays coming out repeatedly. Quite often we are not aware of doing it, but your dentist may be able to spot evidence of this in your teeth and jaws. Worth asking him or her next time you see them.