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Inside of bottom lip really sore after cleaning



Nov 2, 2020
French/German border
I just had a cleaning appointment. The cleaning itself did not hurt but when I got home and tried to eat, the inside of my lower lip was so sore. I smeared it with numbing gel and kept getting up to try and eat because I only had a croissant before and nothing since but no matter how much I used it never did help enough to allow me to eat. She said that I could eat, mentioned nothing about anything like THIS. I was feeling fairly positive before realising that this wouldn't go away or really get better after a night of sleep but now I honestly never want to get my teeth cleaned again.

I tried to look things up but all you find is mouth and lip ulcers or after cleaning soreness that is nothing like this. I did look at it in the mirror and it looks too red to me, but there is no blister, no bumps nothing but redness. I did not bite myself and it wasn't there before. It feels bumpy when running my tongue over it compared to the top lip, but as I said, I cannot see any bumps not even tiny ones anywhere.

I had trouble keeping my mouth the way I was supposed to while the bottom front teeth were polished and this is the only part that now hurts. Since it was not a rough cleaning that hurt, I wonder what in the world happened and why? Did the hygienist screw up or is this a me problem and will happen any time because I cannot control what my jaw and lip does during bottom teeth polishing? What do I do to get this under control as it really is bothersome and I cannot skip eating for much longer.
It's really hard to say what's going on without looking, however...

It could be a cotton wool "burn" sometimes the little rolls of cotton wool stick to the mucosa and when they get removed it can take a small amount of the top layer of mucosa with it. Or it could just be the pulling and wiggling on your lip to make room for the scaling.

Try buying some Difflam rinse from the pharmacist, Benzydamine Hydrochloride, that'll help healing.