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Intense gum pain - please help



Junior member
Sep 14, 2023
Hi, just looking for some help, I’m so anxious about this and no one can seem to help, just want the pain to end :(
My gum has been extremely painful on/off for the past 6/7 weeks. It started when I thought my crown was loose (it wasn’t) but I stupidly started wiggling it and obviously irritated something badly. Sometimes if flares up to 10/10 pain and makes the tooth which has been root canaled and crowned extremely tender. However a few days later it might settled down and the tooth will feel fine again. Other days it will just feel really uncomfortable after eating and drinking. It’s not chewing that sets it off as one day I was only eating rice pudding and it suddenly flared up to horrendous pain :(
I seen a dentist who told me to try corsodyl 1% gel three times a day for two weeks on floss, I’m almost at the end of the two weeks now and it’s still very uncomfortable, hasn’t quite gotten to the 10/10 level pain but I’m still so worried that something is wrong!? I’ve taken antibiotics just in case but no difference.
I will attach a picture of what it looks like around the base of the crown, I think it’s also slightly inflamed between the teeth. Any help would be really really appreciated.. I’m petrified of going to any other dentists.


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Sorry but to investigate gum problems you need to be hands on, can't really help via internet or via photos. :(

Go back to the dentist.