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Intense jaw pain one month after wisdom teeth removal



Junior member
Apr 29, 2018
Hello everyone,
One month ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. I had three, the two on top of the mouth and the other one at the bottom, left side, that was impacted. I had an infection at this site. I had to take two antibiotics to get rid of it, but it’s now healed. Yesterday, I ate a toasted baguette and I was chewing where I had the tooth removed. I suddenly heard a “crac” sound ! I thought at first that one of my teeth was broken but no. But now, it really hurts when I chew. I have to eat very soft food. When I don’t eat, it’s sensitive, but not painful. It’s really when I eat that it hurts. The teeth next to the one that has been removed hurt and my jaw on this side hurts. Sometimes it’s like an electric shock when I eat. Do you think that my jaw could be broken ? I will call my surgeon tomorrow, but did it happen to one of you before ? Thank you !
Hi Melina,

I'm not a dentist but would say that the pain from a broken jaw would be unbearable (as any other pain coming from broken bones). You also would have some different symptoms, like swelling.
Hope you managed to contact your surgeon by now and will be able to fix the problem soon.

All the best wishes
Thank you for your answer ! So I saw my surgeon and he took a 3D Xray, basically a scan, and he didn’t see anything frankly broken. It can only be a bit cracked...it will heal by itself !
HOpe the pain is going down for you Melina!