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Intense sensitivity post fillings - what to do next



Junior member
Feb 11, 2024
Hello!!!! Im a F nonsmoking teen who is traumatized from dentistry and I really need some advice

Almost 2 weeks ago i went in for one filling and they ended up doing 5. I was already having a panic attack so i just sat through it. I have 13 (now 8) cavities from years of poor hygeine and depression and wanted to start. My teeth have been clicking like theyre almost moving and also hyper sensitivity that isnt going away, especially the one. Even lukewarm drinks are hurting me..

I went back and the dentist laughed and just drilled it with the file and now its even worse , i told him "no it hurts so much" and he just said "your nerve might be dying, its fine"

My dad insists in more appointments but my mouth is in so much pain I cant even breatheand the internet tells me my sensitivity should be gone by now. I need 8 more fillings done. What do I do?? Is what im experincing normal?? Please help...
Sounds like you need to find a more empathetic dentist. Sorry but not much else I can add.