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intraoral scanner



Junior member
Nov 16, 2014
I want to share my experience with the intraoral scanner wand. I already said all of this as a comment, but it is long, so I thought maybe I should also post it. The first time I had it used on me was just awful! I felt embarrassed, awkward. self conscious, and disgusted. I asked how they sterilized it, and was told by the person using it on me that they wipe it with alcohol! I was expecting to hear something like ethylene oxide, or Steris or autoclave. so I became extremely panicked regarding this. Two days later I started to feel very sick, I developed a high fever of 103, and tachycardia, and began to have odd, uncontrollable tongue biting episodes, which truly terrified me. I was already on antibiotics for a dental issue, but almost done with taking them. I ended up going to the emergency room and was diagnosed with S.I.R.S. systemic inflammatory response syndrome.I was prescribed another round of a different antibiotic and did recover, but as a result have become even more fearful (if that is even possible) of going to the dentist.
Last week I had my second encounter with this disgusting device. I sat there with that nasty wand in my mouth for an overextended period, while they were taking impressions with it. It felt so gross and I just wanted to die right there because what I have been leaving out is humiliating to me, but I've said this much, so here goes. that wand is kind of big and it also feels warm which does not help matters. It also did not help that they had two different people using it on me, the second one was a man that would aggressively reposition my head during his turn with the scanner. I know this all may sound like I am being too weird about this but I can"t help it, I have a long time dental phobia, and I was sexually assaulted (not dental related) in the past and somehow I think these factors contributed to my misery. I was thoroughly traumatized by the experience and ended up in tears from the whole experience. So. for me, if given a choice, will gladly take the risk of losing a loose tooth and or gagging on the vanilla flavored paste in the old tray, over the nasty latex (their gloves) flavored scanner wand.

@fangface That sounds like a really bad experience, I'm sorry this happened to you! Did the ER say if the SIRS could have been anything to do with the scanner? Can you decline the use of this scanner in the future or switch to a dentist who doesn't use them? Where I am, most dentists don't have those scanners, only a minority of them do.

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