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Invisalign/braces with missing tooth



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Jul 26, 2022
Wasn't sure where to put this but has anybody tried invisalign/braces with a missing tooth? I need a bottom first molar out and my bottom teeth aren't straight so I thought this could fix it and use my 2nd molar as a first and my wisdom tooth as a 2nd molar potentially. I'm unsure im allowed implants as im on steroids so this would be my only option with the tooth being on the bottom im guessing (?)
Hi @Imapparentlyhere, I moved this into the Ask a Dentist section because you might get a more qualified answer here. Hope that’s ok!
@Imapparentlyhere Just wanted to share my experience in case this is any use, and also my father's experience. I am missing a tooth that is in the position of a bottom first molar (I am missing my lower premolars congenitally and have retained baby molars in their position). I lost one of these "1st molars" and hit upon the idea of using orthodontics to close the gap, since I have crowded lower front teeth. The first orthodontist I saw told me the only way to close the gap would be to extract both my lower first molars and a pair of my upper premolars, and pull all my front teeth back. The second orthodontist I saw told me that both of my lower "first molars" could be extracted, and since I have small, gappy upper teeth, all my teeth could then be pulled forward in my mouth. He said this would be 2.5 years of heavy duty braces with rubber bands to pull the teeth forward, then retainers for life. My father lost a first molar, and was given the same offer that the second orthodontist gave to me, 2.5 years in braces to bring everything forward. The second orthodontist I talked to told me that the best treatment for me would be pulling out my lower "first molars", and closing the gap partly with orthodontics and partly with smaller sized dental implants, which he mentioned would be pretty expensive, to pay for two dental implants and a round of orthodontics. I ended up getting a full sized dental implant and not having orthodontics. My dentist told me I wasn't up to a second round of orthodontics, I had braces before and have root resorption and gum recession on my front teeth, and also got cavities where I had IPR during the orthodontics, so I think this may be why he told me not to have orthodontics again, but it could also be because I have a lot of trauma and fear because of my previous experience with orthodontics, which ended up making my teeth worse, and got upset when talking about it to him
@NervousUSA Thank you so much :) Not sure I want to lose my molar on the other side though as the wisdom tooth isnt coming through on that side so I'd probably consider an implant (if possible) if that's what was said to me too. Did you get an implant if you dont mind me asking?
@Imapparentlyhere Yes I ended up getting an implant and no orthodontics. Something else to be aware of, dental implants can't move via orthodontics because they are locked into the bone, instead of being attatched by ligaments like real teeth, and are also basically not removable, they can't be easily extracted like real teeth, so they often make it either impossible to have orthdontics, or make you have a lot less options. After having my implant, I tried to pursue orthodontics again, not looking at closing a gap from a missing tooth, but about other orthodontic problems, and was told by several doctors the imobile implant means no room to move anything.
@NervousUSA Thank you so much, I'll definitely see what they say was just wondering if anyone had any success with it