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Is a bad taste normal after wisdom extraction?



Junior member
Nov 26, 2020
I got my lower left wizzie out on Wednesday, since then I’ve had a salty sour taste in the left side of my mouth, which is usually worse in the morning. The pain was the worst it’s been this morning(I read that day 2-3 is worst for pain) I took some painkillers and I am now pain free apart from slight soreness when swallowing. The taste I have is sour/salty. I’ve had a look at the socket and it looks reasonably clean. I haven’t eaten ANYTHING solid at all, soup, yoghurt and mash potato is all I’ve had so there’s no possibility of stuck food. I started my saltwater baths last night and have done one this morning after waking up. There was a tiny bit of like orange looking tissue came out but didn’t look like a clot. My guess is tomato soup. Anyway I’m getting off topic. The hole looks clean and all that’s in there is granulation tissue at the bottom. I’m not in severe pain. Is this taste to be expected?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi there, not a dentist, but after an extraction I would expect any weird taste being ok. After all, there is a small wound in your mouth.. if it’s bothering you, then giving your practice a call may be the best idea, otherwise just waiting whether it goes away :)