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Is it a filling issue or me being hypersensitive?



Junior member
Jun 12, 2024
New to the forum but wish I had it last year when I started my dental health journey. Extreme white coat syndrome sufferer so I had about a decade of lapsed dental care. After a lot of therapy and with the help of meds I went in OCT of last year for an eval and clean. They were so nice, broke it down and made a plan. I need all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Choice of extensive root canal and crown on three other teeth or remove then with WT and get implants down the road. Then about 8/9 other teeth needing regular fillings. Had WT removed in DEC last year, opted to pull out the other three as well since I’m only 27 and RCT and Crown may need repair or replacement a few times over my life. Went fairly smoothly. Had my first filing appointment last month for upper and lower molar fillings on right side, some stiffness and facial muscle tension and sensitivity for a few weeks but resolving. I went in last week for right side and that went ok, less pain after even. But all of a sudden yesterday (4 days post fillings) I had pain, like semi significant but not excruciating. I can floss, brush and push teeth with tongue or finger no problem but chewing is sore and pain is up in my cheekbone and up the side of my face into temple. I do have cold sensitivity and some like general jaw nerve pain. It’s all doable with one Tylenol but I’ve now been on a steady dose for 48hours because it’s unpleasant without it. Is it possible there is a filling issue, nerve issue or is this normal healing? I can’t feel anything weird or missing but did I possibly crack or chip the filling? I have an appointment this afternoon for my last set of fillings and I’m not sure what to tell them about what’s happening or if I ignore it and it will resolve?

Thanks for any advice
Forgot to mention fillings were white composite. During treatment I was given lower numbing injection for right then worked on, then numbed up top and worked on. Left was upper and lower numbed at the same time and then a little booster added later in the bottom if that’s relevant. And being the hypochondriac could it be an infection? Pulpit? Bonding issue?
I'm not a dentist but from what you're saying it sounds more like a TMJ issue? Maybe get your dentist to check your bite when you see them today - perhaps one of the fillings needs a slight adjustment. And congratulations on all the progress you've made over the past year :thumbsup!:
I was going to say sounds like a TMJ issue. When I'm particularly stressed, my entire top row of teeth on my left side are sore (like a sore muscle) and I would always be convinced it was a toothache. I also had soreness right in front of my ear at the hinge of my jaw, under my eye, and in my cheek next to my nose. I probably had 4 or 5 trips to the dentist thinking I had an infection, but xrays were always clear. This is recent for me, so I don't have a mouthgard yet, but what has worked for me is taking 500mg of Tylenol and 400mg of Ibuprofen at the same time along with holding an ice pack at the site. Also gentle massage.
I’ve been thinking TMJ as well but I always also think the worst. Thanks for the advice! I’ll ask about the bite today at my appointment. I’m also going to see a chiropractor to get some head and neck massage to loosen the tight muscles