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Is it hard to fix a cavity when it's in a front tooth?



Junior member
Dec 5, 2010
I have a cavity in one of my top front teeth. It started at the side of the tooth and has turned into a big gaping hole in the back of the tooth. The cavity is barely noticeable from the front.

I finally broke down and made and appointment cause it has started causing me a LOT of pain.

My question is... How hard will it be for the dentist to fix that tooth or is it even fixable? I'm sure I will need a root canal. I'm most scared of losing the tooth, and I don't want to worry myself to death before I get to the dentist.

Thanks for your help.
I wanted to add this question... If I'm prescribed antibiotics, will they help lessen the pain until the course of action is taken?
Unless you have an abscess you will most likely not need antibiotics. The pain is probably due to the cavity. It cavity should not be too difficult to fix but without seeing x-rays its tough to tell. Don't worry! If you have any questions I'm sure your dentist would be happy to discuss them with you.:)