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Is it normal that a day after a bit of calcified tartar fell off, my tooth still feels weird?



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Sep 25, 2019
I have a sizable bit of calculus in between my front teeth. A piece just fell a while ago, on the bottom of it (you can see it in my post history). Yesterday while brushing and flossing another piece of calcified stuff fell off, still from the bottom bit in-between my front bottom tooths (pretty sure it was not a piece of tooth since it sort of pulverized when i squeezed it between my fingers).

A day later for some reason my tooth where the piece fell off still feels weird (altough less so than when initially did), either like something is stuck or something is missing? It's not painful... just... weird? Noticeable?

I flossed repeatedly so i'm sure there's no loose calcified stuff still stuck there.

I am sort of getting extremely anxious about it. Is it normal? Will it stop feeling like that? Is it just my tooth getting used to the missing calcified stuff?
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This picture is blurry cause my phone isn't great, but just to get the picture. There's basically a tiny gap at the bottom of the calculus in between my front teeth, and even after a day i can sort of "feel it".

(i know i should get my tooth checked and cleaned, at the moment i am still very much broke. I plan on doing that whenever i can find a job)


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It just feels weird because you've got a ledge of tartar there. Not a big issue until you can get rid of it.