Is it normal to feel a pinching pain after a permanent crown is placed on an intact tooth??



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Jan 18, 2017
Is it normal to feel a pinching pain after a permanent crown is placed on an intact tooth??


New here..of course I have to post a worrisome first thread, ugh! Anyway, within the last month and a half I've had a wisdom tooth extracted, and a tooth shaved down & permanent crown placed. For starters, obviously I'm terrified of getting dental work completed! Secondly, it takes like a Texas-sized amount of lidocaine (novocaine?! what is it called??) to get me even pain free & totally numb. As in, 4 or more needles, over an hour and a half, before he can even touch me.

So, about 2 1/2 months ago, I had a back tooth that broke; it wasn't the whole tooth, but rather a large portion of the corner closest to my tongue. Had to let it sit due to my insurance not kicking in yet...anyway, I never had any pain with this tooth, at all. Even when it was cracked it didn't bother me. I think it was tooth #30.

Anyway, he numbed the bejesus out of me to shave the tooth down, & placed the temporary crown. Now with the temporary, I didn't have a problem after the first 3 days. I could place pressure on it not a problem. Had the temporary for 2 weeks.

Come the actual day to put the permenant crown on...oh boy. He had to numb me a bit to take the temporary out. Now, the second he went to place the permenant, I nearly jumped out of the chair from the pain. It's a porcelain tooth I think, but it had some silverly stuff on the bottom from what I can remember. 3 times he tried to place that stupid thing. Finally after a ton of novocaine he was able to, and shaved it down.

Now, I'm feeling a weird pinching pain if I bite down on it just right, or bite down too hard. I can place some pressure, but not the kind of pressure I'm used to placing on it. As soon as I let off on the pressure on that spot, the pain goes away.

No sensitivity to cold or heat...I do have a weird dark line on the inside where the crown meets the gum line (i thought maybe it was the cement coming off, but someone said this is normal to have this...?)

I'm so worried that I'll need a root canal on this...mainly because it will have been the 4th time inside of a month and a half that I'll have had to goto the dentist & it's nice to be painfree, but man oh man..I had a bad experience with a root canal 4 years ago, and I'm terrified I'll need on again, regardless of the fact that this dentist is the best I've ever been to.

please tell me this will go away on it's own :( It's been 5 days since it was placed :(


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Jan 5, 2012
Re: Is it normal to feel a pinching pain after a permanent crown is placed on an intact tooth??

Hi welcome to the forum :jump::jump::jump:

It sounds like the bite is high. This is easily and painlessly sorted out, he will ask you to bite down onto a bit of paper then he can take a bit off the crown to make it meet your teeth better. Don't leave it go back and see him.