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Is it possible to have an extraction of a tooth which was previously done by a root-canal and after it still feel any pains?



Jul 10, 2016
As in the title.

My #7 bottom tooth is giving me... sometimes twitches and sometimes pains... Practically everyday with short breaks since the root canal treatment done 21st September 2016. My current Dentist said that if so, it needs to be extracted and that now there is a very big inflammatory lesion (or change; I'm not sure how to properly call it in English... :unsure:).

Anyway, I'm worried that after the extraction I still will be having those twitches and pains, maybe this time phantomatic ones... Is it possible or I'm just freaking out?
I'd like to add that I suffer from spastic cerebral palsy concerning my four limbs.
Hi Kitty.
It's possible but unlikely.
If there's a big area visible on the x-ray then removing the tooth would almost certainly fix the problem. It would be more likely if there wasn't an obvious cause for pain visible on a film, if you see what I mean?