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Is my extraction site healing properly?



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Dec 24, 2015
I recently had 3 teeth extracted, and i am
concerned that my bottom
ones arent healing properly. I spoke to my dentist yesterday (over the phone) and they said not to worry that it should be fine. But it looks discoloured to me?
I will attach some photos.


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There have been two other posts here recently with pictures that look a lot like yours. Consensus was that it was normal healing. A dentist said here that the discolored stuff you see is scabbing - which I guess makes sense, even though the color can be alarming.
Thank you that does ease my mind a little and make sense. I was concerned it waa getting infected or it was the dreaded dry socket. But it seems to be getting bigger and covering more of the hole so i'm going to ease my mind and calm down a bit that it is normal.