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Is my filling too high or my mouth not used to it?



Junior member
Jun 13, 2018
Hi all,

I recently had my first dentist visit after 20 years. It went well, i had 3 fillings and the thing i was worried about most (the needle) i didn't even need to have!

anyway, i had one filling in a very deep cavity(molar) - when i bite i'm very aware of it and can feel it tapping on the tooth above.

i've been reading about high fillings, and they all seem to talk about pain and for me there is none - it just sort of feels strange and all of the other teeth can connect.

so is the tapping something to worry about or do i just need to get used to it? (the filling was yesterday)

That does sound like it could be high and if you leave it it could cause issues. Best to go back and ask the dentist to check.
I agree with Fearful and you will be relieved once they adjust it!! definately go back it doesn't take them long at all to make minor adjustments but major relief!!
Thanks for the replies guys.

I'll give them a call first thing.