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Is my tooth extraction site infected?



Junior member
Sep 17, 2017
I got my tooth extracted 4 days ago. It was bleeding for quite a few hours, and i didn't eat/drink or anything until the blood clot was formed. I took some weak pain meds but just in case. Overall i never really felt the pain.
The next morning the wound/the clot was blackish with some white/yellow fluid spreaded over it and around it.
Throughout the days the hole got smaller and sunk a bit, the amount of white/yellow stuff increased.
The swelling is the same as the first day, i do feel slight pinching from time to time, on the cheek side of the jawbone.
I softly rinsed it with salt water and camomile.
Is the site infected?


Junior member
Nov 4, 2013
Hello :)
I had a tooth extracted Monday and I've been worrying about the same thing all week!

I don't think it is infected as it will be swollen for a few days and sore which is normal.. but also I had the whiteish/yellow stuff and people have said this is normal healing unless you have a horrible taste/pain etc. This stuff has slowly washed away with the salt rinses leaving a little behind and the dip seems deeper but it still looks filled not like deep holes? So if it still looks filled that's good.

I would just say don't poke at it, keep doing the gentle salt rinses as it will really help and if it gets any more painful or worse just pop to your dentist! Or even go if it will put your mind at rest?

Hope you have a speedy recovery :)


Jul 22, 2017
I'm on day 5 and have the same thing plus a foul odor back there. And I still have excruciating pain. I finally threw in the towel and started taking the penicillin today lol. And I'm being more aggressive with the salt water rinses. However white tissue is normal. It's called granulation. It forms around the blood clot (the black you see). If you're worried, call the dentist tomorrow. It's better to have them check and reassure you than worry about it. ?