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Is pain normal/accepted



Sep 21, 2016

I don't remember when my problems first started, perhaps 17 years ago when I had a dentist do some work to the right side of my mouth.
Over 1.5hrs work doing fillings. Mostly deep ones, some too high, some joined together but with a gap beneath. ..

That was the first two teeth I lost around 5years later as I couldn't clean them properly.

(I didn't go back to get the left side done as I was so upset with the work and the experience)

I can't keep myself together for root canals. I've tried sedation in the past but it didn't work, that was for an endoscopy.. It made me feel out of control, four people were holding me down and the whole experience was a nightmare. It's out me off sedation for life!

I just end up getting them pulled out so have 11 missing I think.

My dentist thinks I need RCT on a pre molar that was recently refilled, as it still hurts to bite down, and in general off and on.
As I can't kept myself together I think it will be another tooth I lose, it's just easier mentally getting them pulled and as I've been dealing with pain for so long I'm generally sick of all my teeth tbh.

I have some pain on the left 1st &2nd molar.. no one knows which one. I had a filling redone Incase decay was underneath.. that didn't solve it, so it was "watch and wait". That was years ago. It still comes and goes, except now it's daily.

Now, my 2nd molars top and bottom on the right have begun to hurt.
I've lost all surrounding teeth so my dentist puts this down to excessive load.
I think they're likely decayed.

It's just more teeth hurting all the time before I can even figure the first one out.

I count 5 that I feel pain in off and on.

I'm worn out with it all.

It's there on my mind all the time.
I've just cancelled a holiday, told my husband to go away with our son by themselves, it's the 6th or 7th Christmas I'll dread as the dentists will have long closures over the festive season.. my teeth wake me up sometimes, it's the last thing at night and first thing in the morning I think about. If I try and go out/do something I get a twinge of pain and I'm instantly miserable again. I'm snappy, miserable and don't see a point half the time, not that I'll do anything too myself but I do wish something would happen that I don't wake up.
I just don't see what's left feeling like this.

I have 11 teeth missing, can't chew food properly, have to think about only soft foods (on top of my food allergies/IBS), can only use the first few teeth on the front left-hand side, never eat out/Infront of strangers because I chew with my front teeth..

My question is, is pain normal?

We're taught you should see a dentist when you experience pain, but for some people of that how their life is with their teeth, just general pain on some level?


Nov 4, 2021
Pain is normal but should be addressed. It can turn into something more serious if you just leave it and hope it goes away. I had pain in a tooth..dentist said root canal…i got scared and never went back. Now here i am years later, tooth is in MORE pain and with a trip to the dentist i learn the tooth needs to be extracted with maybe a bone graft. All couldve been avoided if i just got the root canal years earlier.
Sounds like your teeth are messing with your quality of life. When you did sedation was it just the nitrous? There are other methods… Im getting IV sedation in a couple weeks. Getting mildly knocked out may be the better option for getting work done on your teeth!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Dear Nicci,

I'm so sorry to read about your situation, particularly how it affects not only how you feel about yourself, but also the life with your husband and your son. It sounds like it has been going for years. There is a huge sense of desperation in your post and you question about pain sounds more like you are simply exhausting dealing with it.I don't know whether pain is acceptable.. it seems to me that the better question may be whether in your case it is inevitable.

One thing I was wondering is this: you find RCTs difficult and have opted for extraction in the past whenever you needed, but where are you at with replacing the teeth? Also, if RCT is a problem, then regular check-ups and caring extra hard for the remaining teeth may be a good way to avoid future treatment. And the question that is burning me the most right now: is your dentist someone kind and caring? Someone you feel comfortable with and trust? If you are in pain and think that your teeth are decayed, it should be pretty easy for your dentist to find out whether that is the case or not..

Sending you hugs and hope you will find a solution to your situation. Nobody deserves to suffer like this because of teeth.

All the best wishes


Junior member
Dec 19, 2021
Victoria BC
This probably will sound redundant, but have you tried the warm sea salt rinses? I've found that when there is inflammation it calms it somewhat. Tooth pain is just the worst, especially when the 'experts' can't fix it. I hope you are okay.