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Is SRP too aggressive/expensive for me?



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Feb 15, 2013
I had routine cleanings every 6mo until 24yo. I am now 34 and have been 3x. I have very healthy teeth otherwise, and dentist says I have "extremely low rate of decay". However, due to some funk on my teeth, he wants SRP for me. My gums are not red, swollen, no pain, etc. I had a perio chart done and there was some bleeding but I hear that is actually a bit more normal that some want to believe.

Anyway, perio chart shows 122 sites at 1-3mm and 46 sites at 4mm, nothing over 4mm. I talked with a friend in another office and I am scheduled for a cleaning and another eval next week. She said they should have at least cleaned my teeth before running right to SRP. My pocket book and my fear of needles and dental pain scares me here.

I am using this as a wake up call regardless. I am going to invest in a sonic toothbrush, and already irrigating with baking Soda daily. I am hoping to find a way to get my 4mm pockets back to at least a 3 and keep my mouth clean and healthy. I hate the dentist chair so brushing seems an easy way to stay on the up and up.

Can anyone comment on SRP? Does this seem a little aggressive? Can they just use a topical anesthetic and do a good clean up?

I will add that I think part of the reason my teeth are dirty is because this new office I have visited twice did not do a good job cleaning my teeth. I am used to seeing and feeling clean teeth and I felt they were still dirty when I left. The new office I am visiting next week said they can do some planing above the gums to get all the funk off.
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do you have bone loss?
Are in in a DMO insurance?
I do not have insurance and the dentist mentioned nothing about bone loss or periodontal disease. He did say the word gingivitis though I have never had mouth or gum pain, my gums are a nice pink, and typically do not bleed unless I get a little aggressive with floss. I am now using a water pik as I hear much better results and is obvious I need to get below the gums like NOW.

I went in originally A), because I needed to go in anyway and need to get my teeth back where where they should be. B), because I had an onset of sensitivity in #3 molar with a tiny Amalgam filling. I suspected the 20yo filling was in need of replacing but Xrays show I have very healthy teeth otherwise and he put 2-3 watches are certain areas but nothing that needed drilled.

I really wish there was something I could do about "watches" before getting drilled. I only have 3 small fillings. He said he could not find anything sticky but Xray shows something that even I could not see. He, however, pointed out there was a bit of calculus above the gum line that was visible on the Xray. That makes me wonder how good the films really are without a good cleaning before hand.

Dr., If you have a moment, I would be happy to forward my perio chart and Xrays. I don't exactly know what I am looking for. Chart is a PDF and films are Jpegs. Pretty lousy film size if you ask me so they might have reduced the quality to send to me.
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xrays are very helpful
Here are my films and perio chart. If I have accidently left any personal data on them, please let me know so I can de-identify them.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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Basic information
If someone has periodontal disease you take a complete series of radiographs or at least 4 bw and a panorex.
In order to do root planning by definition you must have bone lose so you can plane the roots.
I see no evidence of bone lose.
4 mm pockets alone do not qualify SRP. Gingivitis alone can cause 4mm pockets with bleeding.