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Is this a bite issue?



Jun 2, 2020
Hello, could this be a bite issue or something else entirely?

i had #8 worked on a week ago. It has a temporary crow. I’ve noticed recently that one or multiple (can’t tell) back molars in the same side as #8 has been acting strange.

symptoms include: slight sensitivity to cold, slight soreness sometimes when biting into food, and an achy Feeling that seems to come and go 3 or 4 times a day and doesn’t seem to be related to biting (happens when my teeth are not together or biting).

could it be related to the temporary crown on #8 and the bite? If not, what could it be? I’m trying to not freak out but I kind of am.
Might be. BIte discrepancies can cause all sorts of weird symptoms. The temp could be leaking very slightly too, it's not a big problem but can give vague sensitivity.
Thanks Gordon. Just to clarify, the temp and work done to #8 can cause those types of symptoms to the back molars? It seems strange but I don’t know what else could be going on. I don’t typically have issues like this with my teeth.
Possibly yes. Or it could be referred pain from 8 if the temp is leaking slightly.
Hey Gordon,

Still have the temp cap due to the inflammation around #8, and dentist not wanting to place the permanent one until he could do so without it bleeding. Some bit of good news there though, is that while it is still a little swollen, it doesn’t bleed anymore when I floss. So I’m finally feeling optimistic about my appt in a few weeks and that it should work out (fingers crossed).

Im still dealing with some molars acting up, however. I’ve been able to figure out that it is one, maybe two. I don’t know what number it is. But it is on the same side as #8, and and it’s the top second to last one in the back. The same tooth on the bottom may be having similar but lesser symptoms, still unsure. When I brush my teeth, if the toothbrush or the toothpaste is cold, I notice some cold sensitivity. Same with mouth wash. Nothing that sends me into the fetal position with any of this, but enough to notice. i Haven’t really noticed much discomfort lately when chewing on that specific tooth. If i do, it’s very manageable, But sometimes it feels slightly sore when I bring my teeth together.

what are the chances this is a cracked tooth would you say? When I told my dentist about it before, i couldn’t even identify which tooth or teeth it was coming from, just that it was on the right side. He had me bite on something and I didn’t experience any pain so I still couldn’t tell him. I was just coming out of having postnasal drip (diagnosed by my doctor) and had finished a round of Flonase, and the dentist thought it could be related to that. X-rays didn’t show anything. He wanted me to wait it out. But now it’s been a few months and it hasn’t gotten better.
Pretty close to zero chance of a cracked tooth, the symptoms don't fit at all.
Thats good to hear! Do you have an idea based on description of what it could be?
I'm also still getting the occasional achyness in that area that I had before. Oh and it feels strange when I floss that tooth. Like the gums may be a little tender. Doesn't hurt when I touch the tooth, though.
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My best guess is that the mild sensitivity to cold is usually a bit of gingival recession causing some root surface to be exposed. Could be the gum inflammation round the temp is to blame.