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Is this gingivitis??



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Nov 30, 2020
Finally got the courage to post!

going to the dentist tomorrow and I’m terrified that I am going to be told I have gum disease.. I have had gingivitis a twice in the past and it has gone.
My gums at the bottom are swollen and one if pulling a way a little bit when I touch it with my finger.
I do have a plaque build up at the back.. I normally go every 12 months but it has been about 18 months this time due to COVID and being over seas.. the best photos I could get are attached

I actually havedreams about my teeth falling out so terrified ?


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We need to sort out some terminology here. Sorry if it's boring.

There are basically 2 types of gum disease. Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Both are caused by the presence of plaque.

Gingivitis is a local inflammation around the neck of the tooth. The gum might swell slightly and bleed when brushed. BUT the underlying support tissues, the bone and the periodontal membrane which holds the tooth in place are not affected. When the plaque is fully removed, healing occurs completely, no long term damage is done.

Periodontitis affects the membrane and bone, causing the bone to be lost and a pocket to form between the tooth and the socket. It can be treated but once the damage is done, it basically doesn't recover. In other words the disease can be stopped but not reversed.
It is a long term chronic condition which seems to go in fits and starts and can take decades before teeth are lost through it.
We used to think that gingivitis inevitably would progress to periodontitis over time, this now appears not to be the case, but we don't know what makes one person get periodontitis and another just get gingivitis. It's currently the subject of a lot of research but so far nothing...

Getting back to your question finally. What you have there is some gingivitis around some of the lower front teeth. Get the plaque removed and work a bit harder on your cleaning technique and it'll be gone never to return. Your teeth won't be falling out from it.