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Is this normal after crowns and a really long dental appointment?



Junior member
Aug 20, 2019
I was in the chair for 4.5 hours today getting two teeth crowned. No root canals (knock on wood) but these were pretty decayed upper molars, tooth 2 and 15.

Went through a lot of novocaine, had my jaw open most of those hours etc. Got a dexamethasone injection after the temps were cemented.

When I arrived home the novocaine was still working, nothing hurt and I took a nap. When I woke up, neither of the two crowns hurt AT ALL, even now they don't hurt except when I got some popsicle on one near the gumline earlier it was pretty sensitive. But, I looked in my mouth when I was brushing and there was a small-medium sized black/dark blue bruise that had some white in the middle at the very back of my right cheek, not near the gums or crowned tooth. I'm wondering if I had a reaction to the novocaine or dexamethasone shot, or if I bit my cheek hard while I was napping because of the numbing.

Is this normal? It is not swollen but it is sore, especially if I touch it with a finger but that goes away in 30 seconds or so. No heat. I've been eating just fine since I woke up, I've been tentative to bite down very hard on the temp crowns but not because they hurt, it's because they're new and I'm paranoid. Taking Motrin every so often. Also my jaws hurt but that to be expected because a) I grind my teeth sometimes including the night before last and b) they were open for 4 hours.

Is this normal? The bruise inside is only in the right cheek.
It sounds like you may have bitten your cheek whilst numb, should gradually resolve :)