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Is this normal ? I am starting to be afraid that my dentists don’t know how to fix my teeth



Nov 25, 2020
I know this sounds weird but I am starting to be afraid that my dentists don’t know what they are doing … I’ve changed at least four and this one seemed like the best one but I find myself genuinely concerned over an issue that I’ve noticed …

I got all of my teeth redone and filled during the course of one year but I am noticing some of them already have black dots and spots on them not even one month after being filled . I feel like I’m being scammed . How is this possible ? Is it a normal occurrence and I’m worrying too much about it ? Or is it actually concerning ?

I have some pictures . I see multiple of these dots on different teeth I recently got filled (one month ago … three months ago …) I really need to ask for a dentist’s opinion on here . Is this normal , or are these cavities ? Not even one month after my last filling ? If this is the situation after one month what’s gonna happen in years …
I brush my teeth three times a day and I floss . I need help
Thank you in advance


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That's just staining.
Ok … thanks … is it worrying ? And what causes it
Thanks for replying
No it's nothing to worry about. It's caused by all the good things in life, coffee, red wine...
Thank you . Since those dots gave me a bit of anxiety (because I suffer from hidden cavities) my dentist decided to use a laser tool next time , to detect all possible cavities - im very happy . I also mentioned to her that one of my deep fillings (the deepest) that I got done in August still bothers me when I chew (it feels a bit annoying) so she leveled it up but it didn’t make a difference . She said I need to be patient and it will eventually go away (I’m worried about it) I hope if something is wrong with the tooth that it will be clear after she uses the laser tool .